Letter to the editor: Opposition to Telephone Gap logging plan is clear

This is not just a few tree huggers on the fringes. I believe the proposal struck a chord on deep public concern about climate change and protection of old forests, which keep huge amounts of climate-changing carbon out of the atmosphere.

Letter to the editor: Cutting old growth to help forest seen as ‘hubris’

I am writing to convey my sincere distress over the proposed logging at Telephone Gap.

Info session set for Telephone Gap projects

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service invites comments for the proposed Telephone Gap Integrated Resource Project located on the Rochester and Middlebury Ranger Districts of the Green Mountain National Forest.

Forest service, activists to talk ‘proforestation’

RUTLAND COUNTY — Last Wednesday night, when Green Mountain National Forest officials unveiled the 72,000-acre “Telephone Gap Integrated Resource Project,” they talked of many scientific things and promised future public meetings and field trips to explore … (read more)