ACEDC aids two Bristol business projects

The Addison County Economic Development Corp. recently helped two Bristol businesses to secure financing for commercial development projects.

Stoney Hill Business Park could host over 200 workers

BRISTOL — By Kevin Harper’s reckoning, Bristol has lost a lot of good jobs because there’s nowhere in town for businesses to grow beyond a certain size. In 2019, Harper reached out to a number of companies that had started out in Bristol — some in the Bri … (read more)

Nonprofits to build affordable housing in Bristol

BRISTOL — Someday in the not-too-distant future, a few dozen Bristol residents will likely include some version of the following phrase when directing people to their homes: “Turn at the firehouse.” The Firehouse Apartments project, formerly known as the … (read more)

Energy entrepreneur returns to Bristol roots

BRISTOL — He’s been away for nearly 40 years, but the “Albert Einstein of job creation” is about to return to Bristol. Renewable energy entrepreneur and crusader David Blittersdorf will bring his company AllEarth Renewables to the Stoney Hill business par … (read more)