Climate Matters: To Florida and back in our EV!

A well-known saying on bicycle touring trips is, “Drink before you’re thirsty, eat before you’re hungry, and shift before you have to.” 

Climate Matters: Climb the climate mountain

Two years ago, scientists were telling us that we needed to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 and to zero by 2050.

Climate Matters: Paying more to heat your home?

Despite the recent rises in oil and propane prices, my wife and I are not paying more to heat our home this winter. That is because we use cold-climate heat pumps.

Community Forum: Input sought on local climate plan

This week’s writers are Richard Hopkins and Steve Maier, board members of the nonprofit Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County.What can we do to address the coming climate crisis while at the same time grow our local community and its economic an … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Global Warming Act a good step

The Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) comes up soon for final approval in the Vermont House and I urge the continued support of Addison County’s legislators. Thanks for earlier support go to Reps. Robin Scheu and Amy Sheldon of Middlebury, Peter Conlon … (read more)