What you need to know about soil health in raised beds

Did you know that the composition of the soil in raised beds is vital to their success?

Local farmers join in to cultivate good soil health

VERMONT — Fifteen Vermont farmers — including two in Addison County — are taking the time during their busy 2021 growing season to gather, learn from experts, and share knowledge about soil.The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) la … (read more)

Local Food & Farm Guide: Soil, regenerative agriculture & health

2020 was a year of shock and trauma. COVID-19 forced us to confront our worst fears as the world we once knew fell away. Everything came to a hard stop, disrupting lives, dreams, and routines. The pace of life slowed down to a walk. We cocooned.I locked d … (read more)

Extension service webinar explores soil biodiversity

BURLINGTON — Gardeners interested in learning what they can do to improve their soil are invited to attend “Creating a Biodiverse Garden for Ecological Resilience,” a free Zoom webinar on May 20. Dr. Wendy Sue Harper, a Vermont soil scientist, will discus … (read more)