Starksboro to deny snowmobile request

After months of community debate and public discussion, a request by snowmobilers to ride on certain Starksboro roads has failed to win approval from the town selectboard, which plans to make its official decision in writing.

Letter to the editor: Snowmobilers contribute to the community

Some may ask themselves during the winter months, “Who are snowmobilers?” Despite the few people who have been portraying a negative image targeting snowmobile riders, these riders are everywhere around you.

Starksboro sets meeting on VAST trail

The hearing will be on Tuesday, March 8, at 6 p.m.

Snowmobile trail needs state’s OK

Snowmobilers hoping to travel between existing trails in Starksboro and Lincoln are unlikely to get all the permissions they need before this winter season is over.

More details sought on Starksboro snowmobile route

Snowmobilers hoping to ride on Ireland and Conway roads as part of a proposed connector trail between the Lewis Creek Wildlife Management Area and the Jerusalem Corners Store did not receive the permission they were hoping for on Tuesday night.

Starksboro to weigh fate of snowmobile trail

Homeowners on Ireland and Conway roads in Starksboro are waiting with some trepidation for the meeting of the town’s selectboard on Tuesday, Jan. 4, which my well decide the fate of their neighborhood.

Starksboro homeowners pan expansion of snowmobile trail

Residents on Ireland and Conway roads in Starksboro have asked the town’s selectboard to reject a request from the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers local club that would allow snowmobiles to be driven on those roads.