Middlebury-area group petitions for rural-school protections

MIDDLEBURY — A group of Middlebury-area residents is circulating a petition aimed at forcing two major changes to the Addison Central School District charter that they said would give voters in the seven ACSD-member communities more power in preserving their local elementary schools if they are targeted for future closure. The group has dubbed itself “Save Our Schools ACSD” and is largely made up of residents from Ripton and Weybridge — two of the ACSD’s smallest (by enrollment) elementary schools. The ACSD … (read more)

Opinion: Small schools work well

I am writing in regards to Act 46 and the potential closure of small schools in the state of Vermont, particularly the Ripton Elementary School. My name is Rob Risch and I was formerly the Teaching-Principal of the Ripton Hollow School from 1983-1989, as … (read more)

Governor Scott weighs in on small schools

MIDDLEBURY — Gov. Phil Scott on Monday urged school officials to think more creatively about sharing resources — including school consolidations — amid declining student numbers and rising public education expenses. Scott addressed the prospect of public … (read more)

Editorial: Keeping small schools, small towns: ‘It just comes down to math,’ Gov. says

As advocates of small schools and those supporting school consolidation come to terms with declining enrollments and rising costs, here’s the conundrum both face: consolidation is the right short-term answer to cost-cutting to contain higher and higher ta … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Small schools are vital to Vermont communities

The Addison Central School District (ACSD) school board is intending to “consolidate” three small town schools within the district by beginning a “facilities study” to determine which schools are or are not worthy of remaining open. The Ripton Elementary … (read more)