New law makes sheriffs accountable

A new state law ensures that Vermonters have more oversight over their county sheriffs. Act 30 mandates increased transparency and more financial accountability for the state’s 14 sheriff’s departments.

Editorial: Sheriff reform needed; not so easy to do it

A bill introduced last week to reform the way Vermont sheriffs operate is a step in the right direction, and sorely needed.

Letter to the editor: Sheriff would accomplish more joining with others

Conflicting stories: In the Jan. 14 Addison Independent there was an article “Sheriff envisions a major expansion of service” and in the January 21 Addison Independent there was an article “Police agencies face evolving social needs.” Having read through … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Man recounts unsettling stop by sheriff’s deputy

Sheriff Peter Newton’s assertion that “If someone complains about one of my deputies I will certainly investigate it thoroughly and take action as needed” is utter baloney (the quote is from “Deputy stops speeding trooper” in the June 25, 2020, edition of … (read more)