Letter to the editor: Old growth forests critical in climate change fight

Thanks to Jennifer Vyhnak for her letter to the editor in the May 12th paper about the importance of old growth forests in sequestering carbon.

Letter to the editor: Support urged for increased land conservation

Given our climate crisis, the trees in our state and national forests should not be logged but allowed to mature so that they can sequester and store planet-warming carbon.

Letter to the editor: Time to get rid of the filibuster

We are in agreement with organizers from Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action, who observed, “We are seeing the worst voter suppression since Reconstruction,” and who termed the current extreme GOP voter suppression efforts, “Jim Crow 2.0.” We are also aware … (read more)

Video: How to phone bank

https://youtu.be/q-bOR0XCAZs Phone banking for the election is easier than you think! Bristol resident Sarah Stott walks us through the process in this video by Marin Howell.

Journalist with local ties is shot by federal agents

BRISTOL — On July 26 photojournalist Trip Jennings, whose father and stepmother, Howard Jennings and Sarah Stott, live in Bristol, was shot in the face by federal agents in Portland, Ore. The Trump administration had sent agents from the Department of Hom … (read more)