D.C. riots prompt local and federal investigations

MIDDLEBURY — As darkness fell on the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday, Jan. 6, and a hastily imposed curfew went into effect across Washington, D.C., Middlebury resident David Laferriere-Hall posted a message to one of his Facebook accounts: “Hey everyone, I’m safe.” The former chef-owner of Coriander in Middlebury had spent part of that afternoon standing on the steps of the Capitol, wearing the insignia of a far-right militia group, while a violent mob of Trump supporters who falsely believe the 2020 president … (read more)

QAnon: How should we respond?

MIDDLEBURY — The best thing local communities can do to reduce the prevalence and potential threat of conspiracy movements like QAnon is to educate people. That advice comes from Alex Newhouse, who monitors QAnon and other extremist groups for the Center … (read more)

Criminal charges linked to QAnon

The debunked Pizzagate conspiracy is considered to be a precursor to the baseless QAnon conspiracy. It held, falsely, that the emails of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, contained coded messages about a nonexistent human … (read more)