Poet’s Corner: Tapping, Tapping for Essence

Downy Woodpecker, a small guy,/ pecks at big wood./ A storm is brewing/ and I’m still half a mile from Minerva Hinchey.

Poet’s Corner: The unending dance

These forests/ This mountain/ These trees/ So many trees/ So many lives/ Lifetimes ago

Poet’s corner: To come alive in spring

These words in this poem by James Crews help us feel the energy and strength of the little coltsfoot flower rising up, or of the many other things in spring that appear overnight with color and vibrancy.

Poet’s corner: Images of peace for Ukraine

Seeds of Peace   these warriors of peace the unstoppable the brave with resilience they fight for the love of their families to defend their homes for the love of their land to defend their liberty   they stand against tyranny facing not with th … (read more)

Poet’s corner: An odd beautiful world

Thank you for drawing the crow/ outside my window./ Thank you for drawing the wrinkled bittersweet berries/ brightening the blighted ash.

Poet’s corner: Blue mists of winter

When I look for wisdom tonight/ I find aphorism in the mountain’s white ridge,/ shining in moonlight like a possible/ future to have faith in.

Poet’s corner: An autumn radiance

I’ve always admired poems that take the mundane events of our lives and imbue them with a luster that lingers nearby, but that often goes unnoticed.

Poet’s Corner: To have traced the tracks…

Did I dream when we were young and full of hope, we’d always dance all night, work all day without a sign of weariness?

Poet’s corner: Cosmic streams and mountain dreams

THROUGH THE WILDERNESS by Toussaint St. Negritude Through the wilderness of my freedom through territories uncharted for corporate consumption through cogent dreams and cosmic streams I have climbed to find my Star House high amongst the peaks of an ever- … (read more)

Poet’s corner: That plaintive call

Late August There is this; the evening falls soonerin late August.In late August there is a chillonce the sun has lowered.The scent of the grasses is burnished,the pleas of the cicadas, plaintive.The cycle, always the cycle;don’t despair, wear what manife … (read more)

Poet’s corner: A wild togetherness

TWO PIECES OF DRIFTWOODLet them find us, years from now, washed of color, eased of burden, elegantly perched side-by-side: Two pieces of driftwood at rest in the high desert. And when that day comes, in that ineluctable present, let them falsely imagine t … (read more)

Poet’s corner: Small victories

OlderBy John Mahoney He used to be a lector,Today he could not walk the steps to the ambo.He used to work the clubhouse,In exchange for walking the fairways. The grocery aisle is long.Too long.He couldn’t walk it without the cart to lean on.It will take m … (read more)

Poet’s Corner: The Life At Our Feet

Garden ~ April, 2020By Arlene Iris Distler Tugging at weeds on my kneesthe daylily bed, soil level,about to aim my trowelat a clump of pointed spearscradle of gold and pinktrumpets-to-be,when a toad, cameoed to the hiltwearing a knobby tilth of dark ochre … (read more)

Poet’s corner: Where moonlight finds you

How Difficult is It?   I wouldn’t have guessed you’d love this form. And take it back into a cell’s darkness. Even the super moon can’t reach you. Unless you dream that light is meant for you. I mean   it’s hard for me to think of so many men, green-suite … (read more)

Poetry: Life under a tiny roof, in the rain

The Usefulness of an Umbrella Few care about this ordinariness that spends summer days in the back of closets until a chiller wind whips in squalls and out of nowhere you are on a city street with the only person you can imagine sharing with, an uneven co … (read more)


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