Roundtable explores next steps for reproductive care

The overturning of Roe v. Wade does not threaten Vermonters’ right to an abortion. But that does not mean Vermonters aren’t working on increasing protection of this right, both near and far.

Health care leaders worry about loss of key provider

Addison County healthcare providers are worried about where the area’s most vulnerable residents will receive care now that Middlebury’s Planned Parenthood office has permanently closed.

Letter to the editor: Leaders aim to fill gap left by Planned Parenthood

The closing of Planned Parenthood’s Middlebury location came as a surprise to many in our community after several decades of service.

Letter to the editor: Please protest Planned Parenthood closure decision

Planned Parenthood in Middlebury just learned it is being closed in four weeks! It is being closed by the Board of Planned Parenthood Northern New England (PPNNE). This has to be protested. Planned Parenthood of Middlebury provides affordable, accessible … (read more)

Planned Parenthood to close its Middlebury clinic

To make the organization sustainable and able to meet the needs of northern New England long-term, Planned Parenthood will closed five part-time health centers in Vermont and New Hampshire and over the next six months expand health center hours at seven h … (read more)

Get a free flu vaccine at Planned Parenthood

COLCHESTER — Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) is offering no-cost flu vaccines to all individuals in need of the vaccination this season. The free service is available in all 12 PPNNE health centers across Vermont.   Individuals using th … (read more)

Planned Parenthood declines federal funding after new strings attached

VERMONT — On Monday, Planned Parenthood bowed out of receiving federal funds due to a restrictive Trump administration rule — and Vermont, a state with no alternative funding recipients, will now forgo the money entirely. The new rule does not allow state … (read more)