Letter to the editor: Towns should have final say

Monday evening, February 13th, the Addison Central School Board will discuss and likely vote on three options for school closure determination.

Letter to the editor: Political ad was a big misfire

I would suggest that the Addison Independent also set a standard for publishing right out lies. 

Letter to the editor: Shoreham selectboard weighs in on ACSD issues

For the third time, the Select Board of the Town of Shoreham has not received a response or even an acknowledgment of a letter sent to the Addison County School District Board of Directors.

Letter to the editor: Lt. Gov. candidate brings unique experience

While Patricia Preston may not have a record of service in public office, she is, through her professional service to Vermont, keenly aware of the legislative process and the issues facing Vermonters, including affordability, rural development and climate … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Guns argument fails the test

In what bizarre alternate universe does the gun violence in America today resemble a “well-regulated militia”?

Letter to the editor: ACSD challengers would give voice to small schools

Our schools and communities have been through a lot in the Addison Central School District. The current school board has not been up to the task.

Letter to the editor: Ripton voters’ choice deserves respect

I will be voting YES to release Ripton from the Addison Central School District.  This is not because I want to weigh in on whether Ripton School should remain open or not, nor because I want Ripton to leave, but because, as a resident of Shoreham, it is … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Shoreham letter to ACSD went unanswered

Editor’s note: On June 24, the Shoreham selectboard sent a letter to the directors of the Addison Central School District, that followed up on an Aug. 29, 2019, letter to the school board committee that would ultimately make recommendations that could res … (read more)

Letter to the editor: ACSD should warn petitioned referenda

This open letter to the Addison Central School District Board of Education was also submitted to the Addison Independent Democracy is difficult to maintain. We must be vigilant at times like these when the seams of our democracy are unraveling. Citizens U … (read more)