Letter to the editor: Let’s cover at-risk nuke plant with a ‘spiritual dome’

I am a Quaker and have been led to write to our community regarding the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant located in southeastern Ukraine.

Letter to the editor: Vermont Yankee could have been part of the solution

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station, our state’s largest zero-carbon power source, was shut down in 2014 for no logical reason other than that it didn’t fit into the state’s “green” agenda which has made a pariah of peaceful atomic energy. 

Letter to the editor: Lower the temperature by using nuclear power

When I was a kid, the nuclear age had just begun. Nuclear-powered ships were being developed, as was nuclear-power electricity generation, and of course there was the school air raid drills that had us diving under our desks for protection.

Letter to the editor: Nuclear power void looms

The rejection of the proposed Manchester solar array that Bill McKibben highlights is frustrating but relatively unimportant.