Volleyball March Madness

Interest in volleyball spiked in March at Middlebury Union Middle School.

MUMS’s Dudek gets new responsibility

Co-Principal Michael Dudek will step down from his position in June to become the Addison Central School District’s first-ever “student response coordinator,” a job that will make him the point person on investigations of hazing, harassing and bullying (H … (read more)

Look for MUMS runners having fun with colors on Saturday

An ongoing effort to inject heavy doses of spirit and camaraderie into the Middlebury Union Middle School community will reach fever pitch this weekend with a first-ever, 2.07-mile “Color Fun Run.”

MUMS hires its first dean of students

As the first-ever dean of climate & culture at MUMS, Esther Charlestin’s responsibilities will include student discipline, being a student case manager, facilitating after-school extracurriculars and supporting students and teachers.

Letter to the editor: Despite bumps, good things happening at MUMS

What I really want to say is that MUMS really IS a great school. MUMS has a great, hardworking, available and responsive administration, staff and faculty.

Three ACSD schools see COVID surge

Addison Central School District officials are urging vigilance and voluntary compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols — rather than mandatory masking and other restrictions — in the wake of recent, major coronavirus case spikes at three of the district’s … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Problems in schools not just the result of COVID

In a recent editorial, Angelo Lynn too simply dismisses the challenges in our schools, saying “the pandemic has upset the apple cart” and that it is “no one’s fault.”

MUMS is adding a second principal

Middlebury Union Middle School will soon adopt a new leadership structure to help it navigate through recent challenges that have included handling an unusual number of student discipline issues and absorbing, for the first time, sixth-graders from throug … (read more)

Local students plan raffle for Ukraine kids

It was a few weeks ago that MUMS seventh-graders Isabel Quinn, Julia Morrissey and Kate Kozak were drawing in art class when collegial chatter turned to Ukraine.

Letter to the editor: We don’t all live in a bubble

After sitting through a meeting with MUMS parents and school administrators this morning, I think I am starting to get a hint of why the ideals of ‘tolerance’ and ‘color blindness’ arose in the ‘80s.

MUMS institutes ban on flag-related attire

Middlebury Union Middle School on Monday implemented a ban on all flag-related attire, one of several new strategies aimed at addressing student behavior issues that have made for turbulent times at MUMS since the beginning of this academic year.

Letter to the editor: Consolidation is an issue at MUMS

I recently retired (June of 2020) from MUMS after 31 years as the school’s guidance counselor and am very saddened by the recent article in the Addison Independent as well as the presentation that Fawnda Buttolph made to the ACSD board.

MUMS taking new steps to remedy student unrest

Middlebury Union Middle School, plagued this fall by an alarming pattern of student discipline problems, is reversing the trend thanks to newly hired staff, new programming and help from the community.

Editorial: Schools make a plea for support, patience & understanding

Vermont residents wouldn’t be wrong to look at the state of our schools today and surmise they are in crisis.

Short-staffed MUMS in turmoil

Two years ago, educator Fawnda Buttolph’s favorite place to substitute teach was Middlebury Union Middle School. Now she won’t go back.