Climate Matters: A conversation with Rep. Amy Sheldon on the Renewable Energy Standard

The Renewable Energy Standard, passed by the state Legislature in 2015, sets targets for the amount of renewable energy used in Vermont, states how much of that energy must be generated in Vermont, defines what kinds of energy count as renewable energy, and puts in place a system of renewable energy credits as a way to account for all of the above.

Climate Matters: Climate activism in the toilet

What is the carbon footprint of human defecation? This oddball question comes to me as I continue this journey of exploring what I as an individual and what we as a community can do to combat the climate crisis.

Climate Matters: A case for on-site solar

Regular Climate Matters columnist Mike Roy sat down with Ian Phair of Cornwall to learn more about his new solar power venture, Vermont Solar Fund LLC. 

Climate Matters: Mowing become electric

I spoke with Taylor Rental’s Chris Bagley about his experience selling battery-powered landscape equipment, including chainsaws, string trimmers, leaf blowers, and all sorts of residential and commercial lawn-mowing equipment.

Climate Matters: The self education of a would-be activist

Climate change used to be a topic I thought of irregularly and in abstract terms.

Climate Matters: Learning to love ugly

This summer several tons of steel, glass and silicon will arrive near my side yard. This will be assembled, noisily, into a 30-acre power plant that will reduce my employer Middlebury College’s reliance on the electricity it currently buys from Green Moun … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Solar site seen as innappropriate

John Flowers recently reported on a 5MW solar farm and 2MW battery storage facility proposed by Middlebury College, Encore Renewable Energy and Green Mountain Power to be located on one of Middlebury’s most beloved recreational roads, South Street Extensi … (read more)