Middlebury Police Log: Police break up large college party

Middlebury police responded to reports of a “large college party” at the intersection of Foote Street and Route 7 South at around 1 a.m. on Sunday, April 14. Police said they received reports of “dozens” of students standing in the roadway. 

Middlebury Police Log: Local cited for domestic violence

Middlebury police cited Beau A. Lyons, 42, of Middlebury following their investigation of an alleged domestic disturbance in the Kings Row area on April 2.

Middlebury Police Log: Phone calls lead to disorderly conduct citation

Middlebury police cited Cormick Cantwell, 40, who is unhoused, for disorderly conduct via electronic means, following an investigation into what police called “an excessive number of abusive calls” to local dispatchers on March 25.

Middlebury Police Log: Man cited for attempted murder

Middlebury police cited Jerry L. Hoffman, 31, of Middlebury for attempted murder, after he allegedly stabbed a man multiple times during an incident on College Street during the early evening of March 20.

Middlebury Police Log: Middlebury woman arrested for a warrant

Middlebury police on March 15 went to North Pleasant Street at a little after 11:30 p.m. and arrested Moriah Donahue, 36, of Middlebury for an active instate arrest warrant. 

Middlebury Police Log: Driver cited for DUI after Middlebury crash

Middlebury police cited Michael G. Mulligan, 44, of Bristol for driving under the influence, following a single-vehicle crash on Painter Road on March 9. Police said Mulligan refused to submit to a breath test.

Middlebury Police Log: Police aid man in crisis

Middlebury police stood by while a mental health counselor assisted a man who had been threatening self-harm in the Abbey Pond Trail area on March 2.

Middlebury Police Log: Police respond to domestic dispute call on Court St.

Middlebury police on Feb. 19 responded to a report of a domestic dispute at a Case Street residence. Police said they found one of the involved parties to be “highly intoxicated” and preparing to drive to a neighboring town to pick up their juvenile child … (read more)

Middlebury Police Log: Man cited for DUI, third offense

Middlebury police cited Richard J. Murray, 57, of Middlebury for driving under the influence, third offense, following a traffic stop on Weybridge Street on Feb. 15.

Middlebury Police Log: Police deal with hate symbol drawn at Ilsley Library

Middlebury police documented a swastika hate symbol that had been drawn on the wall at the Ilsley Public Library on Feb. 6. Then it was removed from the building.

Middlebury Police Log: Local woman cited for assault

Middlebury police cited Amanda Rogers-Wilson, 29, of Middlebury for second-degree aggravated domestic assault, and a domestic offense committed within the presence of a child, at a Court Street residence on Jan. 31. 

Middlebury Police Log: Man cited for interfering with emergency services

Middlebury police cited Byron T. Murray, 39, of Middlebury for interfering with access to emergency services in the Weybridge Street area on Jan. 27. Police were called around 6:30 a.m. on that Saturday.

Middlebury Police Log: Police respond to drunken men

Responded to a report of two men drinking alcohol and harassing teenagers at the Addison Central Teens Center off Mary Hogan Drive on Jan. 18.

Middlebury Police Log: Middlebury women cited for assault

Middlebury police cited Stacee Earle, 42, of Middlebury for simple assault, following an incident at a Court Street residence on Jan. 11. Police were called a little after 11 p.m. on that Thursday.

Middlebury Police Log: Unhoused man cited for stealing car

Middlebury police on Jan. 1 cited Irving D. Rose III, 43, for burglary into an occupied dwelling and grand larceny, after he allegedly stole a vehicle from a Buttolph Acres home and drove it to Rutland.