Climb into a book or up a mountain, you choose

Addison County friends Michele Hernandez Bayliss and Dean Ouellette have produced a marvelous guidebook “Climb Every Mountain” for Falcon Guides, detailing “46 of the Northeast’s 111 Hikes over 4,000 Feet.”

Local duo’s guide book urges folks to take a hike

A pair of local hikers are looking to share their experiences — and invite others to make memories of their own — as part of a new book called, “Climb Every Mountain.”

Map pays dividends for Vermont Foodbank

WEYBRIDGE — You’d think visiting all 251 Vermont municipalities over the course of a summer would be rewarding enough for two intrepid travelers. But Weybridge resident Michele Hernandez Bayliss and her daughter, Alexia, have turned their epic road trip i … (read more)

Epic road trip makes new 251 Club members

Everyone likes a good road trip. You pile into the old station wagon and let the good times roll. The odometer clocks your miles, but there’s no measuring stick for great memories Well, there’s “road trips,” and then there are road trips. Michele Hernande … (read more)