Lewis Creek Association thanks its boat launch stewards

Lewis Creek Association (LCA) recently wrapped up its boat launch steward program at Bristol Pond and Monkton Pond.

Lewis Creek readies for aquatic invasive species

Aquatic invasive plant species have been present in the Lewis Creek watershed for decades and outcompete native plants by forming dense mats of vegetation.

Letter to the editor: Do your part, get vaccinated

Liberty cannot be maintained without sacrifice. Liberty cannot prevail if those who have it refuse to do their duty. America is supposed to be the bastion of freedom and Americans are supposed to be willing to sacrifice their all for the health and well-b … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Rioters were un-American

As an American who values the Constitution and swore to defend it, I am appalled! As a patriot who was and is willing to die for this nation, I am appalled. I’ve never seen such blatant disregard for the American way of life as I saw Jan. 6. Those rioters … (read more)