Letter to the editor: Rioters were un-American

As an American who values the Constitution and swore to defend it, I am appalled! As a patriot who was and is willing to die for this nation, I am appalled.
I’ve never seen such blatant disregard for the American way of life as I saw Jan. 6. Those rioters (that’s what it was) disrespected a 245-year-old institution by invading and desecrating the Capitol Building.
People can choose to believe that this election was stolen (which it wasn’t, 60 lawsuits were thrown out of the courts), but I draw the line at people stomping on our constitutionally sanctioned voting process.
If you tear down and desecrate the American Flag and replace it with a Trump flag, you are un-patriotic and un-American. This is the United States of America, not the United States of Trump.
If you are defending these un-American people you might as well burn the Constitution and you might as well stomp on the Flag.
True patriots stand up for what is right and they stand up for America. They don’t tear it down and they don’t disrupt democracy.
Matthew Gorton

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