City residents question Donnelly and Hawley

VERGENNES — In a five-minute exchange of views at Tuesday’s city council meetings, two Vergennes residents questioned Mayor Lynn Donnelly and Deputy Mayor Mel Hawley on issues that included her recent allegations of corruption and what one called a Hawley email that allegedly discouraged “communications with your constituents.” Speaking up were Abigail Blum, who had emailed Donnelly seeking clarification of the mayor’s allegations, and Andrew Fritz, spouse of former mayor Jeff Fritz, who surfaced as the tar … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Vergennes alderman accused of ‘political gaming’

I found the article “Mayor won’t run in March city elections” in the Jan. 14 edition left out some important key points on the debate that happened at the Jan. 12 city council meeting. The most important facts that were left out were in the timeline. Alde … (read more)

Mayor Donnelly clarifies recent meeting remarks

VERGENNES — When Mayor Lynn Donnelly spoke emotionally during the Jan. 12 Vergennes City Council meeting of her on-the-spot decision not to seek to keep her seat on the council or run for office again, she also spoke of “corruption that has happened in th … (read more)

Mayor won’t run in March city election

VERGENNES — The debate on whether Mayor Lynn Donnelly should be allowed to return to the Vergennes City Council in March and serve out the final year of her two-year term — to which she was elected in March 2020 — came to an abrupt and emotional end at Tu … (read more)

Vergennes mayor draws fire, defends actions

VERGENNES — Vergennes Mayor Lynn Donnelly warned a special city council meeting on Tuesday to “have a discussion regarding the events that led up to the July 16th meeting,” and unofficially to try push things in the right direction after weeks of politica … (read more)