Legislative Review: Clean heat: Looking forward and thinking smart

Vermonters are facing a heating emergency. 

Legislative Review: Bill S.56 would bolster childcare

Last week, senators introduced bill S.56, legislation that would transform access to and affordability of childcare and early childhood education in Vermont.

Legislative Review: Don’t let misinformation sway you on reproductive health vote

One of the most important items on our ballots this year is a proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution that would enshrine the right to personal reproductive liberty in our state’s constitution.

Legislative Review: Much work was done in 2022 session

The 2022 Legislative Session was monumental. We passed historic legislation, including an $8.3 billion state budget, that will have a transformational impact on every sector, region, and community in Vermont.

Legislative Review: Health, Housing top priorities

The 2021 Vermont Legislative Session came to an end last week, as we adjourned after passing a $7.3 billion state budget and numerous other important bills. The session was historic for several reasons: 1) We met remotely throughout the session and were a … (read more)

Legislative Review: Education landscape changing fast

We are living through a transformational moment in public preK-12 education. This is true at county, state and national levels. Recently in Addison County, each of our three unified school districts has considered the closure of elementary, middle and hig … (read more)

Legislative Review: Yield Bill is good news for taxpayers

There is a small bill making its way through the Legislature this week that brings good financial news for all Vermonters. Called the Yield Bill, it sets a number that will be used to calculate statewide education property tax rates, and that number is fa … (read more)

Legislative Review: Three crises, one people and Vermont grit

Vermonters face three crises: The first two are clear and present dangers — first, COVID-19, and second, the need to uphold the safe, lawful, just and stable operation of government in Washington, D.C., and across the nation. The third crisis is less obvi … (read more)

Legislative Review: Lawmakers get assignments

This past week, the Vermont General Assembly began the new 2021-22 biennial session. The Senate met in person the first day, with 19 of 30 of us carefully gathering in the Senate chamber to be sworn in and approve rules for our work this year, including t … (read more)

Legislative Review: Vermont must confront racism

For too long, white Vermonters have thought of ourselves as untouched by racism: It’s taken several high-profile and despicable actions for us to really understand how vicious racism is right here in Vermont. The age of denying that we have an issue is ov … (read more)