Ways of Seeing: Top post-election priority: Peace

Here in St. Croix, I live on the west side of the island, waking up at six for work each morning. Though the sun rose from the other direction, the promise of beauty on the western horizon pulled me easily from bed. The clouds turned a soft pink, reflected in the ocean, and a glow settled across the flowering trees and sugar mill ruins. Rainbows were a daily gift, yellow butterflies lifted from vines in small clouds, and twice I saw pods of dolphins moving south off the bay. Throughout the day iguanas march … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Event was for BLM, not police

In early June, a group of friends and I organized a vigil on the Bristol green to honor the life of George Floyd and raise awareness about police brutality. The aim was to connect people with resources for antiracist self-education and action, and encoura … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: After COVID-19, will we be wiser?

I would love to say I live in the moment, present and awake, but that’s not always true. I think about the future almost constantly. My goals, though they may be ever-changing, are a fixture in my psyche. When I hike a mountain I enjoy the trail, the deta … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Coexisting, in dorms and the 802

In late September, I headed to the West Coast to go to school at U.C. Santa Cruz. Among the many changes the move brought to my life, perhaps the greatest was that I suddenly lived in a building with 150 other people. The contrast from peaceful quiet Linc … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Seeking a more singular focus

It seems there are a million things to focus on in any given moment. For instance, you are reading these words on this paper, but you are also holding the paper. How does the paper feel? The paper also has a smell. You are breathing it. Perhaps you have a … (read more)