Letter to the editor: SOS group won’t file lawsuit

First and foremost, we want to thank the ACSD board for a robust discussion at the Feb. 13 board meeting that ended in an affirmative vote to amend the district Articles of Agreement to include a district-wide vote on proposed school closures.

Letter to the editor: Stone has the right ideas to improve ACSD schools

Hilda’s chief motivation in running for the ACSD Board is her love for her daughter, and a passionate desire that we make the world a better place for our children, and that starts with school.

Letter to the editor: Makleff would serve school district with distinction

Ron Makleff is a father of a preschooler, he is an educator, and he is a human rights activist.

Ways of Seeing: We must call out people who lie

It doesn’t really matter whether George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. It’s important to “fess up when you’ve messed up.”

Letter to the editor: Save Our Schools group shares educational values

Over the last few years, many of us have strived to provide the students of the Addison Central School District (ACSD) with a strong education.

Ways of Seeing: The wild frontier of consumerism

Davy Crockett aired on the Disney Channel the year I was in kindergarten. I’m not sure why this show so enthralled me.

Ways of Seeing: We must all stand up to bullying

Walking home on my first day in first grade, I spotted Kenny, who was a year younger.

Ways of Seeing: Climate initiatives need dedication

So much of this situation rides on money, apathy, and our resistance to change.

Ways of Seeing: Life is about making connections

As our state strives to clean up Lake Champlain, even our little mountain towns must do their part to contour our road ditches and place our culverts to minimize their erosive potential.

Ways of Seeing: Pandemic offers a ‘reset’ moment

New things can be scary, but they also can open us up to better ways of living, better ways of structuring our institutions, our interactions, our society and our environment. 

Letter to the editor: McCallum, Doria have students’ interests at heart

In the ACSD, each town has at least one representative on the school board. You might ask, “Why are there a specific number of seats allocated to each town if we vote for them all district-wide?

Ways of seeing: Rockwell’s ‘Freedoms’ are still vital

Recently, I found myself recalling some paintings I had seen as a child: Norman Rockwell’s “The Four Freedoms.”

Ways of seeing: Forest shows way of cooperation

Walking through the forest as these late fall days lingered with unnatural warmth, I found the woods filled with life and light.

Ways of seeing: Rocks change slowly; we cannot

When I entered college, a science class was required. I chose geology. Biology, chemistry and physics had been included in my high school education, and I had no plans to become a scientist. (I was going to be a writer!) Also, the geology course descripti … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Migrant workers are essential

The summer I turned 13, a friend told me how she made a lot of money picking strawberries. It sounded like a relatively easy deal, so my sister and I decided to give it a try.Lunch sacks in hand, we ferried to a nearby island and were loaded in the back o … (read more)