Letter to the editor: Bart’s story was a vivid, moving reminder of loss

I want to express my sympathies and to thank Megan James for her June 15 piece on the untimely death of her cat, Bart. Megan’s words were thoughtful and moving. 

Letter to the editor: Nuovo’s work appreciated

In recent weeks I’ve found myself wondering if we’d ever be lucky enough to get another column by the inestimable Victor Nuovo.

Letter to the editor: Officer Mason’s words hit home

While I always found him to be helpful and kind, I had no idea he had the soul of a philosopher-poet supporting his badge

Letter to the editor: Column partial to Christianity?

I didn’t want to write this letter without time to more clearly spell out my feelings. But I also don’t want my displeasure to go un-noted, because I am sure other readers feel as I do. So forgive this brief note.

Letter to the editor: Closing prayer not appropriate

I was pleased to find myself downtown last weekend, just in time for the start of the Lazarus Park dedication event in Middlebury. It was an enjoyable, well-run event on the part of the town. It was nice seeing so many people there valuing civic engagemen … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Op-ed pages demonstrate insightful community

I am writing to thank all the recent writers of Letters to the Editor in recent issues of the Addison Independent, especially for the jam-packed 18 Feb. issue. I value every week the excellent local journalism that we enjoy here in Addison County, but the … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Reader suggests changes in paper’s election coverage

Having moved to Vermont from New York City a year ago, one of my favorite changes (from a long list) has been the more personal connection to my local community provided by the Addison County Independent and local government. I feel that my representative … (read more)