Letter to the editor: Letter off-base on Critical Race Theory

I understand that the Addy Indy has a (rightful) interest in printing letters from across the political spectrum in order to promote “responsible debate,” but I am genuinely unclear about what is “responsible” in the letter by Mr. Jackson on CRT (Critical Race Theory) that ran in the June 10 edition. The problem with Mr. Jackson’s letter is that it is wholly incorrect about literally everything he claims about CRT, starting with the first sentence, and continuing for every sentence thereafter. CRT is not kn … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Thomas needed on Middlebury board

I believe Esther Thomas is the right choice for Middlebury selectboard. The town of Middlebury is currently undergoing multiple challenges, some of which predate, but have been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. These include challenges with affordabili … (read more)

Protest playlist: 10 songs curated by Middlebury College political science professor Kemi Fuentes-George

As a bonus to our Jan. 7 story about Middlebury College professor Kemi Fuentes-George and his upcoming J-Term class on protest music, the Independent is pleased to present the following playlist, curated by Fuentes-George, which features some of the songs … (read more)

Music, politics collide in J-term class

MIDDLEBURY — On April 25, 2019, Ayman Mao, a Sudanese musician living in the United States, flew back to his native city of Khartoum to participate in a sit-in outside that African nation’s army headquarters. Two weeks before, amid massive protests, the c … (read more)

Local family battles and beats COVID-19

EAST MIDDLEBURY — Thanksgiving holiday — a time to have a big meal and count one’s blessings. You’ll understand, however, if Thanksgiving 2020 was a little more subdued than usual at the Fuentes-George household in East Middlebury. The entire, five-person … (read more)

Kemi Fuentes-George: Simply being Black carries risk

This week’s writer is Kemi Fuentes-George, a professor of political science at Middlebury College. This piece originally appeared in The Middlebury Campus newspaper. The most recent time I was stopped and harassed by police was shortly after I moved into … (read more)