Home improvement: Gas co. giving away electric heat pump

Vermonters who want to upgrade their home water heater have a chance to win a brand new, highly-efficient electric heat pump water heater installed at their residence thanks to a contest held by Vermont Gas Systems, in celebration of its three decades as northwest Vermont’s thermal energy efficiency leader.

Climate Matters: Paying more to heat your home?

Despite the recent rises in oil and propane prices, my wife and I are not paying more to heat our home this winter. That is because we use cold-climate heat pumps.

Experts say there’s a heat pump for everyone

VERMONT — More than 20,000 Vermont homes and businesses have taken advantage of Efficiency Vermont’s heat pump programs since Jake Marin launched the first one in 2013, and more than 15,000 have installed heat pump hot water heaters. “There are lot of rea … (read more)

Eight ways not to use a heat pump

You might be surprised by some of the ways a heat pump works differently than a boiler or furnace. If you want to minimize your energy use and maximize your comfort, Efficiency Vermont offers a few tips on what not to do. 1. DON’T worry about the temperat … (read more)

Rebates now offered on heat pumps

COLCHESTER — Green Mountain Power (GMP) recently launched extra rebates on heat pumps for low- and moderate-income customers to make it easier for more Vermonters to cut carbon and increase comfort. GMP is adding to the success of its $400 rebate for each … (read more)