Bristol bar bids farewell to a devoted music fan

BRISTOL — Irene Lawrence acquired a few nicknames during her 33 years in Bristol. To the town residents she greeted from her porch — or from out front of the Corner Store or Main Street Diner — she was known as the “Bench Hugger.” So strong were the 87-year-old’s spirit and will to live that her doctor called her the “bounce-back kid.” Her grandchildren called her “Nana.” But for a few sweet minutes toward the end of every Friday night at Hatch 31 on Main Street she was just “Irene.” “Good night, Irene,” Ha … (read more)

Leo Rondeau returns to Bristol with new music

BRISTOL — Leo Rondeau deals in stories — candid, honest and plainspoken. And like all great story tellers, he examines life in all its twinges, sorrows, victories and joys. Here him tell his tales at Hatch 31 in Bristol on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 7 p.m., whe … (read more)

Hatch 31 claims outhouse title — at last!

BRISTOL — Dreams of athletic glory come in all shapes and sizes, and cruel whims of fate can intervene. Before this past Thursday such had been the tale of the Hatch 31 team, which for years has fought hard for one dream, to become the Great Bristol Outho … (read more)