Zen and the art of monster pumpkins

Ethan Nelson has been growing huge pumpkins around these parts since he saw Dan Boyce’s Vermont-record, one-ton pumpkin in 2018. It’s become more than a pastime for the Brandon resident.

A pumpkin-kayak sets out on Otter Creek

Middlebury photographer Josh Hummel teamed up with pumpkin grower Ethan Nelson and giant pumpkin-growing support specialist Jenna Baird to create an unusual nautical opportunity for Dane VanNosdeln.

The Great Apgar Pumpkin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj8n6-RIC-g Every October for the last two decades, Jim Apgar has carved a giant pumpkin, hoisted it onto the roof of his truck, strapped it down with rope and netting, rigged it up with lights, and driven the whole thing a … (read more)