MUHS teacher to get Morocco sabbatical after all

That comes thanks to a recent, unanimous vote by the Addison Central School District Board to cut through language in the current teachers’ contract that had prompted ACSD officials to initially deny her request.

Editorial: Speaking out works

For those who might despair that speaking out doesn’t change anything and the best bet is to stay silent and let others fight their battles, the story of Michelle Steele is heartening.

Fulbright taking Starksboro teacher to South America

Kerry Lake’s approach to teaching has largely been shaped by her experiences outside the classroom, and more specifically, outside the United States.

Letter to the editor: Teachers should get sabbatical

I was disappointed to read about Superintendent Burrow’s denial of Michelle Steele’s sabbatical request.

MUHS teacher’s Fulbright trip could be called off

Contradictory language in the Addison Central School District teachers’ contract and a national shortage of educators could keep Michelle Steele from taking advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime.