Lunches keep kids connected to their schools

MIDDLEBURY — During the past few weeks Middlebury Union High School hasn’t been serving up as much nourishment for the mind as it typically does; the coronavirus has temporarily put a stop to that. But the MUHS kitchen continues to serve up nourishment for the body — and indeed the soul — during an international pandemic that has kept students ensconced in their homes. The Addison Central School District, and other public education hubs throughout the county, are making sure no child goes hungry. As in Addi … (read more)

Schools plan to feed kids while classrooms are closed

ADDISON COUNTY — Addison County school districts are organizing efforts to feed children while classes are out of session due to the coronavirus. Many low-income families depend on school breakfasts, lunches and snacks to nourish their children while reli … (read more)

Program ensures kids get free summer meals

MIDDLEBURY — The start of summer vacation fills kids with the joy of freedom, but it can also instill hunger pangs in children who depend on subsidized school breakfasts and lunches during the academic year. Fortunately, low-income families in several Add … (read more)