Letter to the editor: Local gubernatorial hopeful offers vision for future

As I introduce myself as Esther Charlestin, a candidate for your next governor, I am met with skepticism. “Who do you think you are?” “Where did you come from?” “Why are you here?” 

Middlebury Democrat launches her bid for governor

Esther Charlestin a few years ago got a taste of public service as a member of the Middlebury selectboard. Now she’s seeking to dramatically expand her network of constituents — as governor of the state of Vermont.

Esther Charlestin to launch campaign for governor

Former Middlebury selectboard member Esther Charlestin will announce her run for Vermont governor on Friday at the Statehouse.

Letter to the editor: ACSD must do more for its BIPOC+ population

As co-facilitators of Addison County BIPOC+, we are writing in support of Esther Charlestin, Justice Elijah, and the crucial work they are doing to advance equity and dismantle oppression in our schools and communities. 

Community members weigh in on ACSD race issues

Greg Akinbiyi had a simple, heartfelt message for Addison Central School Board members at their Sept. 25 meeting. “I am scared to send my son to school,” said Akinbiyi, who is Black and who recently moved to Middlebury with his 19-month-old child. 

Community forum: ACSD response to racism fell short

I must candidly convey that the mention of my name within the article did not feel like appreciation. Instead, it felt more like an attempt to dismiss Esther Charlestin’s experiences, conveyed through a tone reminiscent of, “I have a Black friend, and loo … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Concrete steps needed to improve ACSD climate

When I heard, a year and a half ago, that Esther Charlestin was going to be the Dean of Climate and Culture at Middlebury Union Middle School, I was thrilled.

Letter to the editor: BIPOC folks put in tough spots

Ms. Esther Charlestin was hired to do and took on arguably the most unpopular position in any school, a charge she attempted to fill with grace and honesty.

Letter to the editor: ACSD must to more to prevent acts of racism

I was sad but not a bit surprised to learn of the overt racism Esther Charlestin experienced during her year as Dean of Culture and Climate at Middlebury Union Middle School. 

Letter to the editor: Charlestin shows courage in speaking out

Esther Charlestin was incredibly helpful to us last year in helping our son (and us) adjust to Middle School and creating a 504 plan. I know it wasn’t always easy! As a family, we are deeply saddened by the experience that she had, but not surprised. 

Letter to the editor: Racism is real here in Addison County

I am writing in support of Esther Charlestin, the previous Dean of Climate & Culture at Middlebury Union Middle School. I am asking our community to hear the truth about racism in Vermont and acknowledge her concerns about lack of support. 

ACSD responds to MUMS racism

The Addison Central School District has announced new and ongoing efforts to battle racism and intolerance in wake of the recent resignation of Middlebury Union Middle School Dean of Climate & Culture Esther Charlestin, who cited two racially-charged inci … (read more)

MUMS dean cites racism as a factor in resignation

Middlebury Union Middle School’s first-ever dean of climate & culture has resigned from her job after only one year.

Community forum: ACSD must confront racism

I share my story for those who feel invisible, who can’t speak because it could jeopardize their jobs, for those whose BIPOC children are struggling and they have no choice but to keep them in our public schools, and for those who have been silenced.

Charlestin-Norford receives leadership degree

Esther Charlestin-Norford of Middlebury has graduated from the Vermont Leadership Institute at the Snelling Center for Government.