Letter to the editor: Ripton, Weybridge challengers bring fresh ideas

I’m writing to invite you to join me in supporting Joanna Doria (Ripton) and Jamie McCallum (Weybridge) for the ACSD School Board.

Ways of seeing: ‘Balance’ proves elusive goal

I have a recurring nightmare. Set in a landscape of my childhood, my family’s ancestral Florida lake house becomes swallowed by rising water. I’m stranded on the dock as water rises all around me. I awaken filled with anxiety, about being swallowed by som … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Post-COVID era can be a new start

As spring arrives and with it the hope of post-vaccine life, the narrative has shifted to “getting back to normal.” I can already feel myself being pulled back into familiar rhythms. When will it be safe to host a potluck? Can book club start back up in p … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Headline for ‘Ways of Seeing’ column was misleading

I am thrilled that my Feb. 4 ‘Ways of Seeing’ column has generated so much thoughtful discussion. I want to thank those who have responded here or reached out to me personally. I am grateful to those who have shared their deep knowledge of Darwin’s work a … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Darwinism is losing its significance

What if one day you realized that some of the things you took as fundamental Truths of the World may not be exactly so? Or at least that these things you thought you knew may not be the only way of understanding things? As a perpetual student, my formal s … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Climate activist recounts journey

I was pregnant with my third child when I picked up a copy of Bill McKibben’s “Eaarth.” All my life I’ve been hugging trees, growing food, and collecting rocks. I became an educator so that I could teach children about the joys and wonders of the natural … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Kids focus on climate change

I was heartened to see so many families at last Wednesday night’s Bill McKibben talk, “Empowering Youth to Engage in our Climate Crisis,” which I attended with my own family. First, I want to extend deep gratitude to Bridge School, Woodchuck Cidery, and B … (read more)