Letter to the editor: Imagine a Field Days of the future — the near future

As the climate warms and the rains continue (and the mud gets worse), can we start working toward making Field Days more responsive to climate change?

Letter to the editor: Field Days can plan to go green

Now that the Addison County Fair Field Days are over, the results printed in the Independent and school is back in session, perhaps it is time to look at what a Field Days of the future might look like.

Letter to the editor: Democracy requires constant stewardship

The terrible events at the Capitol this past week should not come as a surprise, even as shocking as they were. This country has never owned up to the horrors of genocide of Native peoples or the sins of slavery and Jim Crow. It has been a terrific strugg … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Fate of Beirut truly a tragedy

The catastrophic explosions and aftermath in Beirut, Lebanon, were truly a horrible tragedy. I have never been to Lebanon but my father traveled on business throughout the Middle East 90 years ago. He spent a year in the Middle East, followed by a year in … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Ads have no place on trails, no matter their content

This past Sunday morning I took one of my older dogs on a little walk up the first part of the trail up Snake Mountain. We only went up to the T, where you turn left to go on to the summit. Now I live on the mountain, just a ways down from the trailhead a … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Tax could support gun violence victims

Innocent victims of gun violence in the United States are often left with a lifetime of physical pain, disability and post-traumatic stress. Family members and friends are often left with the responsibility of care giving, not to mention grief and shock. … (read more)