Dear Homeward Bound: Staying safe in hunting season

What are some things I can do keep my dog safe when we are in the woods?

Faith Gong: Dog Days

It’s that time of year again.Our family has now logged in eight straight weeks of summer vacation. We have spent countless sultry days at the lake, eaten gallons of ice cream, lit sparklers, chased fireflies. Our annual trip to the Maine coast has come an … (read more)

Prevent accidental dog bites

Dog bites post a serious health risk to people, communities, and society as a whole. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 800,000 people receive medical care for dog bites and over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Further … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Unleashed dogs

Dear Homeward Bound, I am so excited! It feels like spring is just around the corner and my dog is as eager as I am to get out and start taking walks again … all those smells! I am worried though because I’ve had some bad experiences when my dog and I hav … (read more)

Keep dogs and postal carriers separate

Can you picture a member of your family attacking a mail carrier? Of course not, but it happened 5,803 times last year across the nation. Fourteen of those were here in Vermont. Nashua, N.H., letter carrier Melissa Fascione recalls being bitten recently. … (read more)

Protect your canine friends this summer

Springtime is finally here, and with it comes many diseases and parasites that are easily preventable. Ticks, wildlife, gardening chemicals and heartworm are just a few of the things to be aware of this time of year when thinking about your dog’s health.  … (read more)

Animal families: Roxie gets a doggie haircut

We were told that one of the many benefits of having a miniature goldendoodle dog is they don’t shed. It was nice to know Roxie wouldn’t emulate our other two dogs, Bertha and Libby, who can virtually manufacture a carpet of their own after laying on the … (read more)

Shaving your dog: Not always a good idea

I have a dog with a double coat. They require a lot of maintenance — brushing, brushing, brushing — and a vacuum cleaner that can handle mountains of shed fur on your floors. The thick coats always beg the question, especially as summer approaches, of how … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Is it OK for dogs to live outside in winter?

Dear Homeward Bound, It’s starting to get cold and I’m worried about my neighbor’s dog. He seems to live outside and I don’t know if that’s okay in the winter. Curious (and worried) Dear Curious and Worried, Thanks for caring about your neighbor’s dog. Un … (read more)

Clippings by Karl Lindholm: They’re just dogs — or are they?

I tire at times of people who rhapsodize about their dogs, posting pictures on social media and making every conversation dog-talk. “They’re dogs,” I grumble. “Animals. Not people. They lick their genitals, in public. They live to eat and poop and hump. T … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Why do dogs wear orange during hunting season?

Dear Homeward Bound, Why is orange the safety color for dogs to wear during hunting season? I’m curious because right now there is so much color in the woods that the orange on my dog’s collar seems to kind of blend in. Curious Dear Curious, Good question … (read more)

Take a hike! Bring a friend

ADDISON COUNTY —  The fall, for my family, has always been synonymous with hiking. With its blazing foliage, rustic trails and scenic mountain vistas, Addison County is a hub for autumn outdoor activities. We like to take full advantage. My wife Dottie an … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Vest-wearing dogs available for adoption

I am a volunteer at Middlebury’s Homeward Bound Humane Society. I am writing to raise awareness about the dogs at the shelter. We often take them on “outings” to allow them to experience life outside the shelter. During these outings they wear “adopt me” … (read more)