Demo Derby is a friends and family affair

After motor enthusiasts waited an extra day for the popular Demolition Derby at Field Days, Moriah Sullivan Hebert opened by singing the National Anthem then got in her car and drove.

Demo Derby Wednesday results

Field Days included TWO nights of demolition derby. Here are the results of night two.

Demolition Derby ROARS through Field Days

NEW HAVEN — “You always get told not to smash up a car all your life,” said New Haven resident Zachary Lavoie, 21. “(And then you) turn up and smash a car and do what you were meant not to do.”Lavoie competed in the four-cylinder qualifying competition of … (read more)

Huge crowd sees – and hears – Demolition Derby at Field Days

NEW HAVEN — In addition to mangling already badly damaged remnants of formerly valuable vehicles, awarding cash prizes and trophies and entertaining and deafening a couple thousand fans of motorized mayhem, Thursday’s G. Stone Motors Demolition Derby at A … (read more)