Letter to the editor: ‘Defund police’ idea has merit

The Addison Independent of July 2 did quality reporting about racism in Middlebury, Vermont. People of Color describe nasty situations involving primitive local racists, Middlebury Police, and senior white supremacist professors at Middlebury College. No level of education worked for them. I hope many of these people will go back under their rocks when Trump is gone next year. Too many teachers and their students go along with the majority that reads only required items. They are “educated” by machines prog … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Middlebury shouldn’t focus on defunding its police

It would be a serious mistake if Middlebury residents jumped on the bandwagon to defund police in our community. We should instead be holding up our community’s policing as a model for others to follow.  Chief Tom Hanley’s passionate statements in this ne … (read more)

Letter to the editor: ‘Defund police’ is an invitation for different approach

The June 25 Addison Independent contained three different but related items: Angelo Lynn’s editorial, “Defunding police? Yes, but let’s not confuse the stage.” John Flowers’ “‘Defund the Police’ arrives in Midd,” and his second article, “Not in our town?” … (read more)

‘Defund the police’ arrives in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — More than a dozen people have asked officials here to redirect the Middlebury Police Department’s voter-approved $46,234 budget increase for fiscal year 2021, and to begin looking at ways to “defund” the MPD. A national call for defunding pol … (read more)

Editorial: Defund police? Yes, but let’s not confuse the stage

In principle, we’re in favor of the protests around the country calling to review and restrain police budgets that have been ramped up over the past decade or more as the nation has seemingly adopted a more militaristic approach to police work. The initia … (read more)