Ask a Master Gardener: Flowers in the veggie garden

There’s no denying they’re pretty, but did you know there are practical reasons to plant flowers among the vegetables in your garden? 

Ask a Master Gardener: Chickens in the garden

There’s more to consider than fresh eggs when raising chickens at home. For gardeners, that includes keeping both chickens and plants safe and productive.

Ask a Master Gardener: All about growing hellebores

If you’re looking for an early-blooming, low-maintenance plant for your garden, look no further. A hellebore just might check off several requirement boxes on your plant wish list.

Ask a Master Gardener: What exactly is vanilla?

Most of us recognize that little brown bottle on the spice shelf that imparts a wonderful fragrance and flavor to baked goods and beverages. It’s a staple in our kitchens, but have you ever wondered where vanilla extract comes from?

Ask a Master Gardener: How to attract bluebirds

Spring is just around the corner. With its arrival, bluebirds will be returning north from their winter migration to the southeastern United States and Mexico. If you’re lucky, they’ll pay a visit to your yard.

Ask a Master Gardener: Valentine’s Day flowers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show those we care for just how much they mean to us. Often, that means a gift of flowers. Throughout history flowers have held special meanings, making a gift of flowers more than just a pretty present.

Ask a master gardener: Know your zones

If you’ve purchased perennial plants or started them from seed, you’ve likely seen notations such as “hardy to zone 5” or “USDA Zones 4a-9b” on the package or in the product description.

Ask a master gardener: Growing greens in winter

There’s nothing like creating a salad of freshly harvested greens you’ve grown yourself from seed.

Ask a Master Gardener: Beneath the mistletoe

The mention of mistletoe evokes images of a seasonal kissing ball adorned with its leaves and berries or of someone sneaking a kiss beneath a sprig of mistletoe hanging in a doorway.

Ask a Master Gardener: 7 essentials for your garden journal

Whether you choose a ready-made book, a calendar with plenty of room for notes or a three-ring binder to keep it all together, there are some things you’ll find incredibly helpful to keep track of in your garden journal from year to year.

Ask a master gardener: Plan a spring garden this fall

Every gardener has a fall to-do list to complete: pulling annuals, raking leaves and storing hoses and other garden tools. They aren’t the most exciting tasks, but planning for your spring garden now saves time next year.  

Ask a master gardener: Goldenrod, a useful wildflower

Of all the wildflowers — or weeds, if you prefer — goldenrod (Solidago) is one of the most recognizable. Its plumes of bright yellow flowers atop tall stems bob in the breeze, making its presence hard to miss.

Ask a master gardener: Annuals vs. perennials

You’ve probably heard plants described as annual, biennial or perennial. You may have even heard some called a “tender perennial.” When planning a garden, knowing the difference can help you decide which type of plants you want to include.

Gardeners, watch out for jumping worms

You may have heard of jumping worms, sometimes referred to as “snake worms.” Worm castings that resemble coffee grounds on the soil’s surface are likely the first thing you’ll notice.

Ask a master gardener: Tulip mania

Tulips are so plentiful that sometimes we take their presence for granted. They’re common flowers, but how much do you really know about them?