Dear Homeward Bound: Staying safe in hunting season

What are some things I can do keep my dog safe when we are in the woods?

Dear Homeward Bound: What’s a ‘community cat’?

Dear Homeward Bound,I’m confused! I always thought that cats were cats but the other day I saw a documentary about colony of “community cats” in San Francisco and in the show they were talking about feral cats, working cats, community cats, house cats, an … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: The Rule of Three

Dear Homeward Bound,My family just adopted a dog from a humane society. The dog had been there a long time and seemed really happy and easy-going when we visited him there. But since we brought him home this week he has been a totally different dog and se … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Pet health insurance

Dear Homeward Bound,I received a flyer in my mailbox today advertising pet health insurance — I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Is it a good idea or is it just a scam to make money? I get so many of those that I don’t know what to believe anymore … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Should bunnies be kept outdoors?

Dear Homeward Bound,My friend has a really cute bunny, Bugsy, that lives in her room and we hang out with her when I’m over there. But one time we forgot to put her back in her cage and she chewed up some cords and peed on the carpet. Now my friend’s dad … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Too old for a cat?

Dear Homeward Bound, I have a weird question for you. My grandma lives alone now since my grandpa died last year. She’s been talking about wanting to get a cat and I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I worry about if it is a good idea since she is reall … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Unleashed dogs

Dear Homeward Bound, I am so excited! It feels like spring is just around the corner and my dog is as eager as I am to get out and start taking walks again … all those smells! I am worried though because I’ve had some bad experiences when my dog and I hav … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: What should I do if I find a lost pet?

Dear Homeward Bound, My social media has been full of pictures of lost and cold-looking dogs in Texas since that big storm went through. It got me to wondering about what I would do if I saw a dog that looked lost or hurt.  What can I do if I see an anima … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Is it OK for a bunny to live in a hutch?

Dear Homeward Bound, My friend has a bunny that messes up her house and her mom says it needs to go outside and live in a hutch. We don’t think her mom is right and are wondering what we can say to convince her to keep the bunny in the house. Do you have … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Is it a good idea to feed birds in winter?

Dear Homeward Bound, My friend and I were talking about feeding birds in the winter and he said that he’d herd it was not a good idea. I think that’s crazy; I love feeding birds and I know that it helps them make it through the winter — especially late wi … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Is it OK for dogs to live outside in winter?

Dear Homeward Bound, It’s starting to get cold and I’m worried about my neighbor’s dog. He seems to live outside and I don’t know if that’s okay in the winter. Curious (and worried) Dear Curious and Worried, Thanks for caring about your neighbor’s dog. Un … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Is it cruel to dress up a dog for Halloween?

Dear Homeward Bound, Every year it seems like I see more and more Halloween costumes for pets. They look really cute but sometimes the dogs wearing them don’t look too happy. Is it okay to dress a pet up for trick-or-treating?  Curious  Dear Curious, Like … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: Why do dogs wear orange during hunting season?

Dear Homeward Bound, Why is orange the safety color for dogs to wear during hunting season? I’m curious because right now there is so much color in the woods that the orange on my dog’s collar seems to kind of blend in. Curious Dear Curious, Good question … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: What happens to my pet if I die?

Dear Homeward Bound, Lately it seems like a lot of people I know are worrying about what might happen to their pet if something happens to them. What is a good way to make sure your pet will be taken care of if you get sick or in an accident? Curious Dear … (read more)

Dear Homeward Bound: My dog goes crazy around other dogs

Dear Homeward Bound, Whenever I walk my dog she gets really excited when she sees other dogs and starts barking and pulling on the leash. It’s hard for me to control her and makes walks not very fun. Is there anything I can do to train her out of this hab … (read more)