Letter to the editor: Time to act after recent events

With the recent assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe as well as the always-looming problems and tensions in the Middle East, and the recurring and never-ending shootings in the United States, like the shooting of parade-goers on the past birthday of our nation being celebrated in a suburb of Chicago, I feel sick and unwell by all this.

Letter to the editor: Come together for the planet

I would like everyone who believes in whatever or whoever they may or may not believe in, whether it be Allah, Jesus, El Shaddai, Great Spirit, Shiva, a table, a rock, a potato, their Higher Power, the Sun, the Universe, whatever, an Angel, or nothing at … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Longtime Republican sees party straying rightward

As a member of the vast Bingham family tree whereupon whom one member’s Michigan farm the Republican Party was founded after there were Whigs in Wisconsin and as a lifetime Republican who hasn’t voted that way since Reagan, I will say that I perceive the … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Send Middlebury kids to rural schools

As the son of a former MUHS principal (1961-1979) who was then district business manager for a few years, I’m not sure how my father, Dr. Kenneth Severson, feels about Act 68. I may ask him. I myself am opposed to closing down the smaller schools. I think … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Make America great — no hate

One thing I’ve noticed is that there sure seems to be a lot more hatred in the world since Trump’s been president. However, I do say make America great again, but do it with peace and justice and righteousness, not with injustice, war, racial prejudice an … (read more)