Letter to the editor: Come together for the planet

I would like everyone who believes in whatever or whoever they may or may not believe in, whether it be Allah, Jesus, El Shaddai, Great Spirit, Shiva, a table, a rock, a potato, their Higher Power, the Sun, the Universe, whatever, an Angel, or nothing at all, to pray for (think of, make a good wish for) peace, justice, forgiveness, the end of all strife and the sacred ecology and environment of Planet Earth and every living being and inhabitant of Earth, including all plants, trees, mammals, etc., as well as all leaders of our Earth to make wise decisions, to enact in order to safeguard Earth as one tiny dot in the eye of the Universe.

With the Planet Earth’s current situation, matters don’t seem to be going too well, and I would suggest we hope and trust for the best. Any outcome of Earth’s current situation is unknown to anyone, only existence itself in determining the results of whether there will even be existence any more, and I’ll leave that up to the philosophers and prophets to speculate and ponder on.

Dana Bingham Severson


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