Letter to the editor: Legislature’s failure to protect pollinators shameful

Christopher Ross’ recent piece “Pesticides Threatening Pollinators” was a much-needed examination of the rot that has infested our democracy from top to bottom.

Activists turn protests into parties with art

Dan Brett and several of his close friends and supporters are the masterminds behind Hearthunder Art Collective.

Letter to the editor: Coup attempt driven by lies

January 6’s attempted coup was the totally predictable outcome of years of targeted misinformation by an entrenched minority of our population bent on maintaining power by any means necessary. They can’t hold it through honest democratic means, so they ha … (read more)

Letter to the editor: College club’s invitation seeks to legitimize racism

Here we go again. It is hard to understand what college Republicans were thinking when they decided to once again invite Charles Murray to speak at Middlebury College. One can only assume this is meant to be a deliberate provocation to students (and other … (read more)