Video: Doc Lyle Sol’s Medicine Show Something special happened in Middlebury last weekend. Folks in Buttolph Acres and at EastView were drawn out of their homes and into the streets by an old-fashioned traveling show. Created by Town Hall Theater’s Courageous Stage and performed on a mobile platform, “Doc Lyle Sol’s Medicine Show” encouraged pan-banging, music-playing, and cheering from audiences — who were appropriately spaced out and masked — along its route. The original work is a modern twist on … (read more)

Video: Elementary schoolers get ‘Courageous’ with Shakespeare MIDDLEBURY — Fifth- and sixth-graders from Ripton, Salisbury, Cornwall and Shoreham will take to the Town Hall Theater stage Thursday night to perform Shakespeare’s Henry IV — battling with broad … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Town Hall Theater kids’ Shakespeare show inspiring

The Town Hall Theater’s Education team, namely Courageous Stage’s Lindsay Pontius, Craig Maravich and their wonderful team of artists and educators did an incredible and moving job with about 90 local fifth and sixth graders from four different elementary … (read more)