State conserves Cornwall parcel

The Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife will soon acquire and conserve 91 acres on the west side of Cornwall’s West Street, land that will be added to the already protected Lemon Fair Wildlife Management Area.

Vt. farmers deal with conservation rigmarole

Vermont is the only state in the country where farmers cannot readily access a program meant to pay them back for restoring habitats around their farms.

Revolutionary War artifacts from Mt. Independence conserved

Many of the historic objects are fragments of necessary items used by the soldiers at Mount Independence.

Warren King to receive major conservation award Friday

ADDISON — On Friday the Agency of Natural Resources will honor Warren King for his long-time advocacy for wildlife. ANR Secretary Julie Moore will present the Sally Laughlin Endangered Species Award to King, a Ripton resident, on Friday at 2 p.m. at Dead … (read more)

Salisbury Turner Fund preserves local land

SALISBURY — In 2019, the Salisbury Conservation Commission established the Turner Conservation Fund. It is named in honor of Preston and Christine Turner, who gave an initial generous donation. The purpose of the fund is to conserve Salisbury land and wat … (read more)

Key stretch of Lewis Creek land is now conserved

STARKSBORO — Land along 1.5 miles of Lewis Creek, which flows through Starksboro farmland owned by Peter Briggs, has been protected for clean water. Briggs worked with the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation ( … (read more)

Community gathering to address caring for our natural commons

BRISTOL — How can community members step up and care for the key parts of our local environment that we all share? That’s the question behind a community gathering to be hosted by Vermont Family Forests in Bristol on Saturday, Nov. 2.  In Caring for our H … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Carbon fee or tariff could support conservation

A message by a commoner inspired by Charles Koch and Donald Trump: We the people hold the water, the air, and the wildlife. They are our natural commons. The responsibility for their care falls on us. When there is a failure to account for an ecological c … (read more)

How can Vermont better support land stewards?

WATERBURY — A group of farmers, agricultural organizations and state and federal regulators last week began developing a plan for paying Vermont farmers to implement conservation projects on their land.  The case for this is simple:  Vermont has 1.2 milli … (read more)