Ways of Seeing: A nuanced vision of community

Riddle: Why did the man throw the clock out the window? Answer: Because he wanted to see time fly! I can still see the accompanying cartoon in my big sister’s book — a round alarm clock with little wings flying from the window. That may be when I first realized that words can have different meanings in different contexts. As a young child it struck my interest, perhaps because of that fascinating portrayal of a winged clock. Sometimes, when we speak with each other, our words head in completely different di … (read more)

Bristol eyes community talk about policing

BRISTOL — Bristol residents who wish to learn more about the policies, practices and culture of the Bristol Police Department will soon get the chance to share their questions and concerns with BPD Chief Bruce Nason and other town officials. The selectboa … (read more)

Hearts spread through community, offering hope

Have you seen the painted hearts that have popped up around Middlebury, Cornwall and Weybridge? Dena Greenman drew our attention to the hearts, and now we just keeping running into them: on houses and mailboxes, in flowerbeds, in doorways, outside the Mid … (read more)

Lessons in listening: Create love and community

The first dusting of snow signals the beginning of a special tradition in our home: the season of “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.” For those not familiar, this Jim Henson cult classic premiered in the United States on HBO in 1978 and featured a cast of … (read more)