Monkton couple roasts bird-friendly coffee beans

A Monkton couple loved coffee, and they wanted to start roasting — but what would be their value-add to the business?

Young duo brews up budding coffee empire

When Bud’s Beans came up for sale, Daniel Gutierrez and Grace Futral figured it would make sense for them to buy it and consolidate their percolating coffee empire under one roof.

Faith Gong: On giving up coffee

I fell in love with coffee slowly. It wasn’t until midway through college, when a friend took it upon herself to introduce me to coffee in the form of a sugary sweet hazelnut latte, that I became interested in the beverage at all. I continued to guzzle ha … (read more)

Spa-fé to offer coffee CBD products in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — As the owner-operator of Middlebury’s Pro Skin Studio, Jenn Buker has specialized in helping people care for the exterior of their bodies. Beginning next month, she’ll add services and products designed to make people feel good inside and out … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Coffee’s key quality? Availability

I’ll never forget a couple of years ago when I was thrown out of a fancy indie coffee house for asking — at 3 p.m. — if they had decaf. “What a privilege it must be,” I yelled over my shoulder as I left, “to be under 30 and not have to worry about sleepin … (read more)

A guide to Middlebury’s ‘coffee revolution’

MIDDLEBURY — On the wall in Royal Oak Coffee, alongside the hanging plants and stylish geometric artwork, is a brightly-colored print entitled “The New Taster’s Flavor Wheel.” With more than fifty flavor and aroma possibilities, it’s clear that our collec … (read more)