Hundreds in Middlebury demand climate action

MIDDLEBURY — “We are not going home satisfied. This is just the beginning.” These inspiring words were spoken by Middlebury College sophomore and climate activist Connor Wertz during a rally at College Park in downtown Middlebury this past Friday, Sept. 20. The roughly 500 people at the Middlebury event were part of a worldwide effort — a global Climate Strike — to persuade governments to take real action to stop climate change. In Middlebury, as in other protests around Addison County and Vermont, those ga … (read more)

VUHS blends peace and climate activism

VERGENNES — On Friday, thousands of people in Vermont and millions of people worldwide went on strike and rallied to demand that action be taken to address the climate crisis. At Vergennes Union High School, however, students decided to combine climate ac … (read more)

Guest editorial: Speaking up for climate justice

When I woke up on Friday, Sept. 20, I thought about the day, my husband and my two daughters, as I always do. I let the dog out, had some coffee, got ready for work. In the back of my mind I knew that this was the day of the Youth Climate Strike. Both my … (read more)