A vision of hope & resilience motivates Earthkeep Farmcommon

A multi-faceted collective now occupying the former Nordic Farm dairy property in Charlotte demands the attention of three communities interested in the future of foods and farms in Vermont:

Local brewers, vintners, distillers create luscious libations

ADDISON COUNTY — This part of the world has long been called the Land of Milk and Honey, but there’s a lot more going on with beverages locally than just moo-juice — and many of these drinks are for those who are 21 or older.In Addison County alone there … (read more)

Local Food & Farm Guide: Golden Russet focuses on soil health

“Regenerative agriculture” may be the latest term to describe a system of sustainable farming that has become popular with the environmentally conscious consumer, but for some farmers, it’s simply the most obvious path.Will and Judy Stevens established Go … (read more)

Senior lifestyles: How to navigate hearing loss

Do you ever notice that it’s tough to follow a conversation when you are in a space with a lot of background noise, like a crowded restaurant or public meeting? Have you found yourself asking people to repeat themselves or slow down when speaking to you? … (read more)

Meet Ollie, a camel in Vermont

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ollie the camel in Ferrisburgh has died in late February 2020. We are pointing readers to this profile of Ollie that we originally ran in our 2017 Summer Guide. ————— FERRISBURGH — It’s easy to travel around the Green Mountain State and get … (read more)