Weybridge’s Chris Bohjalian publishes historical thriller

Looking for a summer novel? Lucky for us, Weybridge author Chris Bohjalian published “Hour of the Witch” just last month. But don’t expect this book to last more than a week on your bed stand — five bucks says you’ll be up into the wee hours of the morning, devouring every detail of this gripping historical thriller. (I know, I was!)Set in 1662 Boston, we meet 24-year-old Mary Deerfield and quickly learn the power and cruelty of her husband, Thomas Deerfield.“When Thomas, prone to drunken rage, drives a thr … (read more)

Book review: Hour of the Witch — by Chris Bohjalian

(Doubleday Books) In a departure from his most recent bestselling books, Chris Bohjalian, lucky for us, a local to Addison County and a New York Times bestselling author, makes his return to historical fiction, and, even more fortunately, this much-antici … (read more)

Book review: The Red Lotus — by Chris Bohjalian

(Doubleday Books) It’s not uncommon to see the No.1 New York Times bestselling author of “Midwives” and “The Flight Attendant” cycling along Addison County roadways. A resident of Weybridge, Chris Bohjalian truly lives among us. Bohjalian’s novels are a p … (read more)

Grace Experience brings her father’s writing to life on stage

WEYBRIDGE — Former Lincoln resident and Mount Abraham Union High School student Grace Experience Blewer is just approaching her late-20s and is racking up stage credits at a torrid pace. “Alicia” in “The Thanksgiving Play” with The Lyric Stage Company. “A … (read more)