Community Forum: Bristol band is true ‘icon’ of park

It is inspiring to see the amount of interest recently shown for the bandstand on the park in Bristol. However, I am disappointed to hear of negative opinions from some. Without intending to hurt feeling of anyone, I would like to offer an alternate viewpoint.

Letter to the editor: Bandstand is a key part of Bristol

In response to Claire Corkins letter concerning the Bristol band stand. Thank you! Your letter was food for my heart.

Letter to the editor: Bandstand must be preserved

I am absolutely in favor of an accessible outdoor performance space for Bristol. I am also absolutely opposed to rebuilding or re-modeling the Bandstand to achieve this purpose.

New Bristol bandstand design proposed

Community members in the 5-town area are proposing a redesign of the Roy J. Clark Memorial Bandstand on the Bristol Town Green, in particular, replacing the structure with an alternative design that addresses various safety and accessibility concerns.