Bristol woman gives away hundreds of homemade loaves

BRISTOL — Catherine Willson knows she gave away 225 loaves of homemade bread between March 20, 2020, and March 20, 2021, because she’s been keeping track in a notebook. She started off just giving bread away to friends. “Around loaf 30, I’d sort of run out of my friends, so I gave it to people on my street,” she told the Independent. “I was on a board, so I brought it to board members. And it just sort of went like that.” Kimball’s Office Supply. The Bristol Post Office. The folks at Bristol Electronics and … (read more)

Profiles in Community: A Lincoln bread baker finds his niche

LINCOLN — When Glen Bartolomeo moved to Lincoln eight years ago, acquired a home baking license and launched Glen’s Pride Breads as a semi-retirement project, he figured he’d bake a few loaves for a year or two and that would be it. But his neighbors had … (read more)

Olivia’s Croutons gives away bread-baking kits

BRANDON — Like many area businesses, Olivia’s Croutons in the Forestdale section of Brandon is seeing a drop in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And like many Vermont business owners, Francie and Dave Caccavo have gotten creative with the extra pr … (read more)